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Student Leadership

École GreenfieldSchool engages students in local and global citizenship throughout the year.  The Student Government involves all students, Kindergarten through Grade 6. Every April, all students have an opportunity to run for office and participate in the election process.


Fruit For a Friend

Fruit for a friend is a local citizenship project for Greenfield School, initiated in 2007.  This program is designed to provide a healthy snack to children at our partnership school, and is greatly appreciated by the students, parents and staff of Grace Martin School.  13,158 pieces of fruit were collected last year thanks to the collective effort of Greenfield students, staff and parents! That being said, participation is voluntary. 

Greenfield students are encouraged to bring one piece of fruit to school each Wednesday.  Volunteer drivers from Greenfield School will drive the fruit to Grace Martin School in Millwoods.  Grace Martin welcomes the generosity of Greenfield School. The fruit is served at the beginning of the school day and acts as a healthy snack for many children.  

Some fruits travel better than others.  Apples, oranges, pears and bananas are the most popular donation.  Grapes and melons are also a wonderful treat.  Pears and bananas that are too ripe are often not useable on arrival. If you do not have fresh fruit on hand, juice boxes containing 100 per cent real fruit as well as fruit cups are welcomed.  The bagged washed carrots – not technically a fruit – are also welcomed.  Please do not send any fruit products requiring refrigeration (e.g. yogurt).



*NOTE - Due to Covid Protocols this program will be on hold for the 2021-2022 school year. 




GTV’s mission is to communicate to the students, teachers, parents, community members and visitors, about what is happening at Greenfield. GTV is about students sharing their learning and their experiences together so that as a school community we synergize. GTV’s mission is to create successful leaders who work together and have fun through teamwork and the Seven Habits.